Yes! :)
Summerime sadness…
Artivndeki gizli güzellik… #byözgearıöz  #canon #450d #editsiz #nofilter #filtresiz #flower #ortanca #photography #art #landscape #flowerpower #blueandgreen
Isn’t this perfect?
This week’s theme ;)
Welcome my love, autumn…
Our first solar pinhole solar photograph by beercan camera :) 
Eskişehir, Turkey
Photographed by Özge Arıöz
Last Vegas
  • Billy:How you feeling, Arch?
  • Archie:I'm just sitting here watching this Housewives thing. Horrible people, horrible!
  • Sam:Hey, Arch!
  • Archie:Hey, Sam!
  • Billy:Listen, guys, I've got something important here, all right.
  • Sam:Heart or cancer?
  • Archie:Prostate, what?
  • Billy:Why every time the phone rings you think someone's dying?
  • Sam:I live in Florida now. Usually when the phone rings someone is dying.
  • Billy:I'm getting married.
  • Sam:So we're going to have a bachelor party in Vegas.
  • Billy:Are you serious?
  • Archie:I can't smoke, drink, eat salt or stay out past nine but…
  • Billy:All right! I love it!
  • --
  • Billy:Welcome to Las Vegas!
  • Paddy:Relax, it's not like you invented it.
  • Billy:How many times do I got to say I'm sorry?
  • Paddy:You can't say it enough!
  • Archie:Hey, hey, hey, knock it off! I'm going to go find some damn water and take all my damn pills then we going to get this damn party started.
  • --
  • Sam:There is a girl in my lap!
  • Waitress girl:Do you mind?
  • Sam:No no no. It's a tytanium, I can't feel a thing.
  • --
  • Archie:Boy these vodka Red Bulls are strange. I feel like I'm getting drunk and electrocuted at the same time! The music, it's loud! It's like everything sounds alike, like they're playing the same song over and over and over again. I probably should get up and dance but I'm used to having a partner. It doesn't seem to matter to that fella. Maybe I'll give it a shot. Maybe not. I hope they play something different. Maybe now.
Reading is my escape plan…
I wanna travel so much…
Rize’de bir eski köprü… 
Photographed by Özge Arıöz
Rize, Turkey
Yasmin Levy - Firuze

Such a strong voice…

four corner flowers ;)
Canongram ;)
Şimdi Trabzon’da çay keyfi yapmak vardı denize karşı… 
Trabzon, Turkey
Photographed by Özge Arıöz